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Performance der Aktionskünstlerin Kado gegen den Kurs der russ. Regierung in St. Petersburg am 05.09.2014 <br />
Ihr Text:  "Russia's scream"<br />
<br />
This is my Motherland. Blinded, insane, screaming in agony.She doesn't know the way she goes, but she's sure everyone should be<br />
frightened of her, because her hands are stained with blood - though<br />
it's her own blood mostly...<br />
When she falls it turns out that no one wants to reanimate her but a<br />
drunk tramp.<br />
And don't you think that only the government have bloody hands - all<br />
the people who tried not to hear the scream all along will never be<br />
able to clear themselves of this blood.